Drawings and Acting


My drawings from the Courant days... and beyond!

Prof. PETER LAX, Courant Institute, NYU (1986)

Prof. Louis Niremberg, Courant Institute, NYU (1986)


Prof. Monroe Donsker, Courant Institute, NYU (1986)

Prof. Henry McKean, Courant Insitute, NYU (1987)

Prof. Jonathan Goodman, Courant Institute, NYU, (1987)

Profs. Fritz John, Jürgen Moser, Richard Courant, Eugene Isaacson


Prof. George Papanicolaou, Stanford University (2018)


Prof. Alberto Calderón, University of Chicago (1989)

Prof. Jacob Palis, IMPA/Brazil (1995)

Colleagues from the Grad School days

James Sneyd, now a Prof. @ Math. Dept., Univ. of  Auckland, New Zeland

Jingyi Zhu, now a Prof. @ Math. Dept., Univ. of Utah.

Mike Siegel, now a Prof. @ Math. Dept., New Jersey Inst. Tech. (NJIT)

Henrique Dreifus, now a Prof. @ USP (University of São Paulo)




Carlos Tomei, now a Prof. @ PUC (Catholic University, Rio).


Pedro Paulo Schirmer, former Prof. @  USP (University of São Paulo), now in Financial SPaulo.



Leo Joskowicz, now a Prof. @ Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.


Jeremy Quastel, now a Prof. @ University of Toronto, Canada.

Pablo Calderón now in Financial NYC.


My sister Léa.




ACTING in short movies


Delivering pizza,  as a tour of an Advertisement Production Company

called "Cara de Cão" (Dog Face)



Short movie "O Grande Dia" (The Big Day, a student's first day in college)